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Effective implementation of engineering projects
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About us

SWAROG Sp. z o.o. is a professional company that specializes in the field of assembly and welding works of various types: TIG methods 141-146, MIG / MAG methods 135-136, MMA method 131 and others (welding of metals: stainless steel, black steel, aluminum, titanium, copper , all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals). We assemble and install processing equipment (technological equipment, pipelines, tanks, separation equipment, filter equipment, water treatment equipment):

  • dairies, milk processing factories;
  • non-alcoholic beverage factories;
  • breweries, distilleries;
  • ice cream factories;
  • confectionery factories;
  • meat plants;
  • pharmaceutical equipment.
  • In addition, our company offers: binding equipment, electrical work, thermal insulation work, service, rigging, commissioning, repair services.

We have all the necessary resources and competences to implement projects with a high degree of complexity and precision. This is confirmed by a multitude of certificates of applied technologies. The result of our company’s activities is the effective implementation of each project.

On the basis of subcontracting we have completed projects with the following companies: GEA Brewery Systems GmbH, GEA Dairy Processing, GEA Niro, GEA Grasso, GEA Refrigeration Rus, Spirax Sarco, KHS, SIT, Simonazzi, MEURA, Huppmann, STEINECKER, GRASSO International BV, UTEM.

We carry out works with the tools KEMPPI, ESAB, FISCHER, HILTI, METABO, MILWAUKEE, DeWALT and others.

BOGATYR Sp. z o.o. operates in the EU, Canada, England, South and North America, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Asia, Africa.

Processing equipment



non-alcoholic beverage factories


dairy products factories

ice cream factories

confectionery factories

meat plants

Pharmaceutical equipment

technological equipment





separation equipment

filtering equipment

water treatment equipment

Equipment for grain storage and processing

containers for grain storage

grain transport systems (conveyors, pipelines)

processing equipment

silo equipment etc.

Industrial equipment

cooling device

heating equipment

steam device

processing of minerals

technological equipment

equipment for graduation towers

separation equipment

filtering equipment

pumping device

filtration and water treatment systems

load-bearing steel structures


pipeline flyover

belt conveyors

capacitive equipment, etc.

Oil pipelines and gas equipment


wastewater treatment systems




oil and gas transport systems, etc.

Shipbuilding and repair

assembly of hulls

installation and assembly of devices and structures connected with them

Power Plant

nuclear power plants

thermal power plants

hydroelectric power plants

wind farms

pumping device

pipelines, etc.

All kinds of steel constructions of various uses







tubular structures

culverts, etc.

Our projects
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